Monday, April 24, 2017

SecsDriver, the demo in virtualbox image

Download the demo virtualbox image

Step by step to run the SecsDriver demo

1. Download virtualBox, and install virtualbox into your computer.

2. Download the virtualbox image. This is the linux distro Tinycorelinux, also includes LUA, lualib, and SecsDriver.

After download, unzip into the VDI file, tce72.vdi

3. Create new VirtualBox machine from the vdi file.

Choose the tce72.vdi file

Bridge Adapter
4. Start the VirtualBox Image.

The linux distro is Tinycorelinux, download from
After start, right click mouse to open the terminal. Then do step by step (check the screen image above)

Step 1: Update the lastest secsdriver binary.

sudo ./

Step 2: When try to run the secsdriver by command:


You will see the message like that, MacGET = []: ec:55:f9:f4:6d:2d So you need to get the new reg.dat file from our website

Step 3: Open the Chominium browser, go to
Then upload the file reg.dat from /mnt/sda1/secs; and get back the download file reg.dat.
Usually, the download file reg.dat will be stored in /home/tc/Downloads/reg.dat.

Step 4: Start secsdriver. The script also have the copy command to copy the reg.dat file from Downloads folder to /mnt/sda1/secs.


Start secsdrive ./


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