Monday, April 24, 2017

The SecsDriver Controller Application (with source code)

See article:
1 SecsDriver, the demo in virtualbox image
2 SecsDriver, the cross-flatform SECS-II driver


The SecsDriver Controller, is the tool to view the SecsDriver.


You can download the source code from



In the master configuration file of SecsDriver, secsdriver.ini we have the session

# SERVICE_TCPPORT: SecsDriverControler will connect to this port

The SecsDriver will listen on the port 6666, and the SecsDriverControler will connect to this port

How to run the demo

1. Run the SecsDriver on VirtualBox (see the last post

2. In virtualBox linux, run the command to start SecsDriver as the Host Role


It will run the SecsDriver with the master configurtion file at: /mnt/sda1/secs/secsdriver.ini

3. Get the IP of the virtualbox machine by run the command:


Example, the IP is

4. Run the SecsDriverControlerApp on another PC (or the virtualbox host pc, Windows OS)

5. Connect to IP, Port 6666

You will see


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