Monday, August 21, 2017

SecsDriver on Raspberry Pi3

The raspberry Pi, is the tiny computer which is built on the ARM CPU architecture. So we have to rebuild the c++ source code for ARM  architecture.

We try a lot with the cross compiler for ARM, but it still get stuck with the LUA library. Finally, we bring the source code into the Raspberry Pi...and we solved it.

You can try it now.

Step by step to install the SecsDriver system on Raspberry Pi

1. Assumption you already have the Pi (we already test with the Jessie image, can be download here

2. Get the secsdriver4pi by download here: 

3. Upload and unzip to pi at /home/pi/secs

4. Run 
./secsdriver secsdriver.ini

Enjoy it
* Establish Communication Request
s1f13 = S1F13_S w output
s1f14 = S1F14_R input
           = commack


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